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Firearms Application

Firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited on Marathon property, unless authorized by special permit.

Marathon may authorized the possession of firearms inside of a locked vehicle while on property, outside of the fence-line and in a designated parking space.

Authorization may be applied for by completing an application and turning it in to Security for review and approval.

If approved, persons possessing firearms inside of their vehicle will have to display an issued tag on the vehicle while on property.

The application can be downloaded below.

Application Instructions

  1. Click the link below to download the application.

  2. Complete the form with all applicable information.

  3. Sign and date the form.

    1. This may be done digitally or by hand.​

  4. Turn in the form to the Security Office via Email or In Person.

    1. When turning in via email, be sure that the form is signed.​

    2. Include your phone number in the email so that we can have a brief phone conversation regarding the rules and regulations.

  5. If approved, you will be issued a tag to display inside of your vehicle.

    1. If you turn in the form via email, your Firearms Permit Tag will be waiting for you to pick it up at your convenience.​

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