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Welcome to the Badging Portal

Secure Account Login

Please Log In to the Badging Portal to access the below Secure Badging Pages.

If you do not have an established account, please click on the "Secure Account Login" bar to register your account.

  • Our Badging Officers will need to review and approve your request for an Account Login. Please allow adequate time as requests are only processed during normal working hours.

Only Authorized Company Representatives will be approved to receive an account login.


When booking any appointment or registering for any service, be aware that your account email will be the default email used for notifications.

You will need to change the "Employee Name" to the person that will be coming in for the appointment. (The account holder's name is defaulted in the name block)

Once you have submitted the registration request, your email will receive the confirmation.

Authorized Company Representatives are responsible for notifying their employees of the appointment date and time. It is suggested to forward them the confirmation email that you receive.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Badging Office.

Phone:  (985) 535-7448           email:

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